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Knowledge isn't just power, it's also the engine which drives all muscle growth. In this ongoing video series, you'll learn in minutes what I discovered through 10,000 hours of physical practice, research and self- experimentation.



About Go Hero Mode

Go Hero Mode consists of two people; Jake and Logan. We know you really only care about whether we can help you get abs or not, but because someone once said getting people to like you is important, here's a little info: 

Jake: He's dyslexic. He's been homeless. He loves self help shit. He's also brilliant. Those things don't always coincide well in society and therefore, he's been doubted a lot. So if sometimes he says something that seems like he's trying to prove his intelligence to you, that's because he is. Just compliment him, though. He likes that. 

Logan: He has an eight pack and 17" inch arms (which he'll try and tell you are actually 18"), and he is proud of the fact that he doesn't take steroids (good job, Logan, we're so proud of you)He writes litrpg, satire, and thinks he's way funnier than he actually is. He hates that people perceive him as a meat head. Also, he's bipolar as fuck. When he's not lifting, reading, or writing, he contemplates how many years he has to exist before he can really justify suicide...that last part is only half true. 

Go Hero Mode was conceived in the depths of Logan's brain years ago when he wrote a book about a character who wanted superpowers so bad he lifted often, ate well, AND then took it too far; he tried everything that worked for the superheroes in comics (and more). That book never made it anywhere.

However, it shaped the way Logan thought. If we're not going to kill ourselves, we might as well do everything in our fucking power to make the most of life, and become the best versions of ourselves. In other words, go hero mode.

In Jake, Logan met someone as fucked up and ambitious as he was. Jake likely thought the same thing.  They talked about the whole go hero mode concept casually at some point. But, the more they worked together (as servers), the more their hatred of their lame job inspired them to start doing something. Which was to go hero mode, and help others as miserable as they were, to go hero mode as well. 

They tried several times to get things going, and failed just as many, sometimes for good reasons, other times because Logan is bipolar and Jake was too busy getting drunk.

But now, committed to the cause, they push past their own shit and help others. And, it all starts with fitness. 

Here's why: a wise man once said; Life is fucking depressing sometimes. Having abs helps.

We will always strive to provide as much useful information as possible, and lucky for you, we'll succeed at that 95% of the time. But, given what you just read about us, you should also know; we are always crass. Sometimes we're absurd, kind of funny, and light hearted. Other times we're dark, depressing, and more serious than anyone should be allowed.

The following passage is one of those aforementioned serious bits:

We are Go Hero Mode. We do not ask for the athletes or those who accept the norm. We don’t want your five cent motivation memes or your close-minded excuses. It is the company of potential heroes we seek. You who fall short, you who fail, you who dare to demand more from the heavens until the sky cracks. You who stand defiant, and have been ostracized for your uniqueness and brilliance. You who know your worth, for you have forged it from the fires of discipline, wisdom, and perseverance. You who refuse to be denied any longer. You who stand for a better you, a better us, a better tomorrow. Together, we shall go hero mode.

Capes sold separately.

Believe it or not, that last part was even more serious the first draft; thanks Jake.
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