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About Golden Auriel

Photo: Sopheria Studios

Well, hello there! I'm Auriel! I'm a cosplayer, costume creator, dreamer, and all-around geek. I've been creating costumes for over 10 years now, starting back when I was but a young weeb who could barely thread a needle. I've grown a lot as an creator, now branching out into modelling, makeup, and complex costume crafting.

I find myself drawn to complexity, in every sense of the word. I enjoy cosplaying people with complex personalities: villains and morally grey characters. I find a strange, exasperating thrill when I tackle a costume with so many subtle intricacies that the project keeps me up well into the early morning hours.

I am a primarily self taught artist, so every day, every new cosplay made is a new lesson and I hope that you'll take this exciting journey of learning and self discovery with me! Let's be geeks and make art together!

You can also find my work on these social media platforms:

Photo: Koralene Digital Art and Photography

"Why Patreon?" you may ask! Simply put, it's because cosplay takes a lot of work! A lot of time, effort, and yes, money, goes into every single project. The cost of materials, the cost of the time it takes to piece everything together, the cost of the coffee I chug to get myself through the long nights of crunching before a convention, the cost of paying my talented photographers to bring my cosplays to life. These are all very important factors into what makes a cosplay so special to me! And with your help, I can continue to expand my cosplay repertoire, hone/improve my skills, and create bigger and better cosplays!

Besides the financial support, I truly wish to thank and reward the people who support me. Words are simply not enough to thank everyone. This is the very least that I can do for you all.

Photo: Elizabeth Richelle Photography

And now, the best part: REWARDS! These are what you'll receive every month as my thanks for supporting me in my cosplay endeavors. Some of the monthly rewards include:
Work in Progress Pics/Blogs
Exclusive Cosplay Selfies
Private Livestreams
And more!
I want to thank you all so much for your patronage and support. Even $1 per month helps tremendously. Your support here on Patreon will help me continue to make cosplays of your favorite villains, pretty boys, and husbandos. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
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