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About GoLiquidX

We are a group of 5 people (and 1 pirate dog), professionals in the areas of International Business, Industrial Engineering and Psychology who left our positions in private companies for the fervent dream of contributing to society (the dog is specialist of reminding us every day that love between us is the most important, and to pet him constantly, that's a given).

We want to launch a platform that could be used globally to solve the day-to-day problems that communities live, by, empowering neighbor participation with aid of blockchain technology to manage transparently and sovereingly their own resources to solve their most important obstacles for individual and social growth.

We are full-time creators by validating a fourteen month-team investigation of liquid democracy, social networks and blockchain technology and a more than 5 year neighborhood participation experience by sharing our journey of everyday life working on this project, constructing and helping the Xul-Ha community to be the first blockchain-intelligent community of Mexico. 

We want this platform to be used for as much communities as they can, and try to give the world another perspective of the way we do things, and if you want to be part of this era-revolution, the world AND us, will be forever grateful. Thank you for your support and your eager for good changes. 

$0 of $1,500 per month
If you support us to reach this goal, we can devote 100% to prove our thesis, without the need to be looking for other types of income (we can pay our basic bills as a team).
Ps. 5 people and a dog will be thrilled with this (and also, we can afford some beers and cheers for this achievement!)
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