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About Nicholas Pearson

I love faith sharing with everyone, which is why I do the Go Live Your Faith podcast. I do it on a regular basis so that I continue to share the Word and what it does to me. I also share what's happening in my life, because if I am going through something, perhaps someone else is as well. However, running a podcast takes time and money, and while I am happy to do the podcast, I could always use help in funding the hosting for the podcast. Something as simple as a $1 a podcast helps me to fund this podcast for the hosting, and allows me the opportunity to get new equipment to product a better podcast for you. After all, this podcast is created for you to enjoy, and I am privileged to be able to bring it to you.

You can set limits on how much you wish to sponsor, also. For example, say you are wanting to sponsor for $5 a podcast, but only want to sponsor on a weekly basis, then set your limit to $25, which allows for those months that have five weeks in them. It's entirely up to you. I thank you for being here on my Patreon page, and remember: The journey does not end when you accept Jesus into  your live, it begins. Go Live Your Faith today!
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Once this goal of $100.00 an episode of the Go Live Your Faith Podcast is reached, I will put out a podcast every week regardless of what is happening with myself.
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