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About Gomers

I'm Gomers and I'm an graphic design/illustration student wanting to become a full-time illustrator for educational purposes or just purely for entertainment. I like create cute stuff!

My dream is to one day create illustrations for all audiences (mostly for children, because I love to draw cute stuff and I would definitely love to create illustrations for educational materials. Learning is better when it's fun, right?).

The much much MUCH bigger dream is the same thing, but to be also living in Japan! I think living in a completely different environment with a different culture would help me significantly in many ways that I can't even begin to think of. I could go on about why I want to live there, so if you really want to know just send me a message XD

It feels millions of miles away from where I'm standing, but I am working as best as I can to keep my creativity run to infinite heights to live the dream I've always wanted. I'm a full-time student and it's impossible for me to make time for a job.

SO, this is why I've created a patreon. I will not have any patron exclusive content. It will be pretty much like a tip jar to support me as an artist. Occasionally , I will be sending prints to patrons as thanks for supporting me ($5 is the minimum for that!). Also, if this goes well, I will work on opening up a shop from either RedBubble or Society6! (a patron exclusive would be discounts on there)

Thank you so much for reading! :)

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