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Cabin girls and boys get the key to the treasure box - they can open it, listen to it, watch it, read it - but they can't keep the content

= listen to my Patreon-exclusive music and demo uploads, read new lyrics, watch film clips. Get involved in my creative process as a songwriter and musician


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About Gon von Zola


Thanx for stopping by. My name is Gon von Zola and I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and videographer from Highgate Village in London. I was born in Leipzig near Berlin and my family is Swedish, German, Estonian, Indian :)
I also have a fondness for old pirate movies and monkeys.

I write at least two songs or lyrics a week. They are mainly diary snapshots about my out-of-the-box life in London, bats, the way I see the world, movies, people who I love, who inspire or annoy me, little things and human nature in general. 

I have won several awards over the years and I got signed to a publisher quite recently. I run my own DIY label and have released five albums under the name The Budda Cakes. I do most of the work on my own - from writing to recording and producing to making music videos and performing live gigs with a band or solo.

I am a musician with all my heart and I have been writing songs and playing in bands since the age of 12. No idea why I love it so much and can't live without it - is it because my grampa and my granny's dad and his dad were musicians?


This page is a personal artistic treasure vault that I am giving you a special key to. The general public doesn't have access to this.
It will enable me to connect with you on a more personal level. I am interested in your opinions on some of my new songs, lyrics, artwork or videos, and I hope you don't mind me asking you for your input from time to time.

It's a secretive vault that will be filled with freshly recorded demos of new songs from my phone which I would normally keep for myself. I will show you lyrics in progress. You can take part in my creative process if you want. You can follow my journey as a musician - from the inside. 
There will be brand-new things in the box every month, sometimes every week. 

But be warned! The content of this treasure box is only for you and the other pirates - it is not to be shared with the people on the mainland. 

I'd be really chuffed to see you become part of my journey and no matter how much you are happy to contribute, I appreciate you for just being there :)


Pirates love sea turtles, so I commit 5% of your pledges on Patreon (after tax) to the TURTLE FOUNDATION - the officially recognized charitable organisation for the protection of sea turtles.


  • Patreon allows people who value my music to support it by making a small pledge per creation (that can be a song demo, lyrics, video, artwork, drawings)
  • You pledge as little or as much as you like
  • You are charged when you pledge and then everytime I post a creation
  • You can set an upper limit
  • You can cancel your pledge or change your pledge amount at any time

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Assembling a crew of 10 treasure chest pirates - and make a small cassette tape edition of my already finished forth-coming album before it's being officially released
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