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About Gony B

Gony’s interest in music was sparked when he got a "toy guitar" from his grandfather when he was about seven years old and living in the Philippines. A few years after moving to the U.S. and learning on his own, how to play guitar and how to sing, he played his first paid gig when he was in the 7th grade for a high school dance in Livermore, California. He later started a band with several friends in high school and also played in several other local bands.
During his stint with the US Air Force, he took a break from music performance but continued learning and always had a guitar wherever he got stationed (Texas, Illinois, Delaware, Philippines and Hawaii).
He also kept his interest in music during his college years (University of Hawaii and California State U, East Bay). After college with a B.S. degree in Business Administration, he got a job in the corporate world to support his music habits and got back to playing again as a soloist, in a duo, in a trio and in bands. Most nights he spent playing at the Holiday Inn or the Hilton Hotel and paid his dues in dive bars, biker bars, smoky bars, clubs, restaurants, birthday parties, weddings, association dances, at a fancy setting, island setting at the beach, by the river, someone's backyard, on the street and still going. His most memorable places he has played at:
The Verge Restaurant, Los Gatos, CA https://www.tollhousehotel.com
The Inn at Death Valley, Death Valley, CA https://www.oasisatdeathvalley.com The Hula Grill, Maui, Hawaii http://www.hulagrillkaanapali.com
He now plays around the San Francisco Bay area as a singer-guitarist and one-man band doing covers and also working on original music.
The Rolling Stones says it best: "It's only rock and roll but I like it.”