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is creating The Legend of Polloman an Aztec Epic Fantasy+more
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About Gonzalo Alvarez

Cualli Tonalli! This means good day in Nahuatl, the language of the "Aztecs" premiering in the Legend of Polloman, a soon-to-be-published Aztec epic fantasy graphic novel. By becoming a patron you can help us bring this underrepresented world to life.

My name is Gonzalo Alvarez (Gonzzink) and I'm a Mexican-American illustrator, graphic novel author, and game designer. Despite growing up poor in a no-name artless little town I achieved many of my dreams thanks to my college mentors, peers, fiance, and people like you, patrons.

The first Aztec fantasy universe. I grew up with Asia-inspired fantasy worlds like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Studio Ghibli film, so I thought, where are the Aztec fantasy worlds?

This 8 book graphic novel series is an effort to bring the culture, magic, and history of Mexico’s indigenous roots to life through a deep story and rich world. However, I am also working on a clothing line, merchandise, games, and so much more.

Stumbling into an Aztec underworld threatened by 6 terrifying Latin American Legends, a timid boy named Emmanuel must learn the true meaning of sacrifice and awaken dormant gods in order to finally bring balance to the world of the living and the dead. (check out more art on my instagram @gonzzink)

Readers will encounter Latin American Legends such as El Cucuy, La Llorona, and mesoamerican ghouls absent from our media...up till now. Expect mystical landscapes, a diverse cast of well-written characters, and stylized art inspired by over three years of obsessive research into Mesoamerican culture, history, and folklore. I hope to create the most unique and authentic universe possible!

By becoming a patron for the cost of a cup of coffee a month, you can directly help fund the Polloman intellectual property and receive exclusive rewards in return. By helping us cover studio bills, services, and more, we can say no to commissions and put all our time and energy in creating the pilot episode, board game, video game, plushies, sculptures, and so much more!

Polloman has only been possible thanks to my assistant creator and Fiance Grace Chadwick, Still Eating Oranges, and my amazing patrons.

Patreon is a place where you can support Polloman through monthly pledges in exchange for exclusive rewards. All you have to do is click the orange button on the top right, insert your info, select your reward, and that's it!

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Higher tiers exclusive behind-the-scenes material, Original artwork, Merchandise and so much more.

It’s been a hard long couple of years developing Polloman, but thanks to the support of my friends and patrons it will soon be out in the world. I hope you consider joining me on this journey!

You can see more of my work at:
www.Gonzzink.com                                                           www.Legendofpolloman.com
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If we can reach just $600 per month, Grace and I can afford to work full-time from home creating the first Graphic Novel+more without worrying about finances! 

I'll have a live-stream to celebrate with everyone and talk about what's next :)
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