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I currently have a channel on YouTube, called Good Day U.S.A. (formerly The Weekly Word, Seasons 1-2). I began the channel in June 2017, and I have the latest news, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and Missing Persons segments. I break the channel into seasons, just like on television. We are currently in our fourth season, with our fifth season coming up in September 2020. 
What brought me to Patreon was that I need an income to get better equipment and supplies to make the channel better. I am currently using my webcam on my laptop to make videos, but eventually, I want to work from a professional camera and microphone, and maybe make a semi-studio. 
I can't make this possible without the help of people just like you. Please donate as much as you can so that I can continue to make great videos for your entertainment.
Be sure to catch new segments of Good Day U.S.A. , weekdays only on YouTube.
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