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is creating first person videos of good deeds being done with your money

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The Meter Fairy
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The Meter Fairy hates it when someone gets a parking ticket. It's a major energy loss for all meter fairies and the person involved. In order for the fairy to fly and protect, every dollar found gets turned into to coins and put in as many parking meters as possible. The more meters the better when you are The Meter Fairy. 
The Big Tipper
per month
The Big Tipper gets energy from handing out cold hard cash to people, sometimes in a large amount. You have to be a hard worker if you're The Big Tipper which means you appreciate hard work when you see it. Humbled and accomplished The Big Tipper encourages, empowers and fills tips jars. The power you receive is by the power you give.
The Friendly Foodie
per month
The Friendly Foodie has a lot of power and enjoys providing meals for people and animals. Feeding the homeless is top priority. With a fun loving spirit, The Friendly Foodie is always looking for new ways to surprise someone with something delicious. 




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