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About Damali Goode

First I want to thank patrons and supporters for taking time out of their day to read this. I am not big on asking for help, especially money. I grew up working hard for everything I have and making it on my own. For once, I am not able to do that. I chose Patreon to ask for funds because this is a site for creators to support other creators. I am a student graduating from SAE Institute-- Atlanta, GA with an audio engineering diploma. I am also an independent artist/producer. I am trying to establish a production house called Goode House Productions. I need a lump sum of funds to start up the business and purchase equipment to run the house. “It takes a village…” it really does, because there is no I in team; you cannot become your fullest potential on your own it takes a team. It takes people and a support team to help you and motivate you. You need to be surrounded by the same like-minded people to succeed. It takes an entire community of different people but of the same goal interacting in order to experience and grow in a safe environment. Goode house Production House is that safe environment for the creatives. The place to be surrounded like-minded, like creative people, to succeed.  Goode House Productions principle is to improve the cultural and social landscape of Atlanta through creative initiatives and community partnerships. A strive to affect change through the arts –a powerful vehicle for attracting attention, creating dialogue and changing perceptions.
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Once I reach $10,000 I'll be able to buy the location building for Goode House Productions and equipment such as camera, desktops, etc and that's when will start the rewards.
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