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About GoodMicWork Commentaries

Hi!  I'm Greg Morgan, host of GoodMicWork Commentaries.  Nice to meet you!  I am a 40-something Detroit native currently living a relaxed, happy life in San Diego, California.  I've been a fan of wrestling for a long time.  Like, a REALLY long time.  Laid eyes on my first wrestling match somewhere around 1978 or 1979 and have been hooked ever since.  I grew up mostly on WWE and NWA but had the opportunity to watch a lot of AWA programming as well. Wrestling was life for me, and for a while, it was an obsession.  As a former tape trader and super-smark-crazy-fangirl I have a pretty impressive database of wrestling facts and opinions ricocheting around inside my skull.  So I decided to start a YouTube channel as a way to let them out.

My channel started out as a hobby.  Infrequent and crap quality.  For some reason, I was able to strike a chord with some of you and slowly started to gain an audience.  My initial "rants" are what got the ball rolling on my popularity but after a couple of years I decided to go in a more "fan friendly/professional" direction as it is a much better representation of who I really am.  I currently have approx 30K subscribers on YouTube and have evolved my videos into consistent weekly content which also doubles as a podcast.  My commentary style allows me to tackle an audience from multiple directions by being a hybrid of a YouTube show AND a podcast.
While YouTube is my main platform, you can also find my shows on my website as well as Itunes, Stitcher Radio,and Spotify.   Along with my weekly Winged Eagle Podcast I also create PPV reviews, This Day In History's, Q&A's, WWE RAW watch-alongs every Monday night, and many other types of videos.  

Due to the personal expense I pay to keep the channel running, I have set up this Patreon account to help with the costs and the continued success of my commentaries.  My content will ALWAYS be free. You are under ZERO obligation to support me.  However, the more patrons I have the more frequently I will be able to produce content....and who knows....maybe with your help I can make this a full-time gig one day.  Thanks for reading!

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I'm setting the bar rather high. The reason for that is this is the amount it would take for me to consider this a full-time job. Meaning I would drastically reduce my time spent at my current job to focus mainly on the YouTube channel. This would be a fun goal to reach, we have a long way to go, but I think we can get there. If we reach this goal I will commit to a 3 video per week schedule that will be consistent and reliable.

I appreciate any and all pledge amounts. Thank you so much for checking out my page!
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