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About Good Taste (Yum)

I'm a plant based nutritionist that works one on one with individuals to help them reach their goals, whether those are losing weight, dealing with a food allergy or just wanting to eat more veggies.  Really what I do is show people how to eat health food in a way that tricks your tongue into thinking you're eating junk food while also helping them save money/time.  I also offer cooking classes on a private and group basis.  

My patreon account is to allow me to charge less for services so I can offer them to a wider audience and not just those with money to burn - everyone has the right to be healthy.  I'm also hoping to start working on my masters in nutrition, so every bit helps.  

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The long term goal is to raise enough money to launch a plant based fast food restaurant.  Somewhere that everyone could go to meet their food cravings without having to feel quilty, or completely broke, afterwards.
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