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PATRON ACTIVITY FEED! This is where I'll post frequent updates on my current projects, random sketches, as well as any ramblings on what books I'm reading, what Shakespeare productions I've seen recently, etc. You can also leave me feedback and chat with me here. 

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Patron Activity Feed and PREVIEW COMICS! Every weekend I'll post the next week's comics here EARLY, before they go up on my website. It's like having your own, very specialized time machine!
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Patron Activity Feed, Preview Comics, and BONUS COMICS! I occasionally draw non-Shakespeare-related comics and share them with my friends. Every week I will share one of them with you! They typically depict my adventures, misadventures, and general observations of the world, and can't be found anywhere else. That's 52 exclusive comics a year!




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About Mya Gosling

Q: Who are you again?

A: I'm Mya Gosling! I'm the artist and author of the Shakespeare webcomic Good Tickle Brain. Every Tuesday and Thursday I post new stick-figure comics about Shakespeare, because Shakespeare can be ridiculously amusing. Here's an example:

My comics range from silly one-shots like that to three-panel plot summaries, to scene-by-scene adapatations of entire plays to musical parodies. The possibilities for Shakespearean humor are endless. 

Q: What's with this "Patreon" thing?

A: Back in Shakespeare's day, artists could rely on wealthy aristocratic patrons, like the Earl of Southampton, to support their artistic endeavors. Sadly, wealthy aristocratic patrons are a bit harder to find nowadays. Fortunately, Patreon allows anyone, from aristocrat to plebeian, to support creators whose work they enjoy by making small, monthly pledges. 

Q: So why are you using Patreon?

I've been running Good Tickle Brain since 2013, and have recently started working full-time on it. This is really exciting, as it means I have more time to work on projects like books, videos, and new merchandise, but it also means I have a lot more costs to cover. 

By contributing to my Patreon campaign, you are helping me offset those costs and giving me the opportunity to develop more cool Shakespeare projects that I can share with Shakespeare geeks all around the world. 

Q: So does this mean you're charging for your comic now?

A: No no no! Good Tickle Brain is and will always be a totally free webcomic that anybody, patron or not, can read and (hopefully) enjoy. However, if you choose to support me on Patreon, you'll get access to a lot of exclusive rewards. 

Q: OK, so what sort of "rewards" are we talking about?

A: Depending on how much you pledge each month, you get access to different levels of rewards.

  • $1 and up: At this level, you'll get access to my Patron Activity Feed. This is where I'll keep you updated on what projects I'm working on, including progress pictures and random sketches. I'll also occasionally post about what books I'm reading and what movies/shows I've seen recently. You can also leave me feedback and chat with me in the feed.
  • $3 and up: At this level, you'll get access to my Patron Activity Feed and get Preview Comics! Every Saturday I'll post the next week's worth of comics here for you to see BEFORE they go up on my website. No more waiting! (Plus, if you find typos in them, you can get me to correct them before they get posted...)
  • $5 and up: At this level, you'll get access to my Patron Activity Feed, Preview Comics and get Bonus Comics! Once a week I'll share comics based on my own experiences that I've previously only shared with some of my friends on Facebook, and are not available anywhere else. Here are a couple of examples from the week of Shakespeare's 400th death anniversary:

Shakespeare references invariably make appearances, but topics can range from rock climbing to libraries to movies to whatever.
  • $10 and up: At this level, you'll get access to my Patron Activity Feed, Preview Comics, Bonus Comics and Behind-the-Scenes videos! Once a week I'll post a short video showing how I draw a specific Shakespearean character, with commentary. Here's an example:

Once a month I'll also post a slightly longer video documenting the creation of an entire comic, from idea to completion. It's kind of like being in the room with me while I work, only much more exciting as I'll be editing out all the boring bits. 
  • $100 and up: First of all, if you pledge at this level you'll get my undying gratitude and appreciation. You also get access to all the other rewards, plus once a month I will draw something for you! This can either be a comic that might end up on the website, or a drawing made just for you. (Just a single page, though - I can't draw you an entire comic book every month.)
Rewards might change in the future, as I get a better idea of what sort of bonus content people are interested in, but I'll always give patrons a heads-up so they can adjust their rewards level accordingly.

Q: Wow, that sounds great! How do I become a patron?

A: I'm so glad you asked! Just click the big orange "Become a patron" button at the top of this page, then follow the steps, selecting which level of rewards you want to receive. If you have more questions on how this all works, check out Patreon's Help Center.

Thank you so much for considering supporting my work on Good Tickle Brain!

$484 of $500 per month
I've always wanted to explore the medium of whiteboard animation as another way to play with Shakespeare. If we reach this level of funding, I'll be able to pick up some of the equipment and software necessary for making more professional whiteboard animation videos that my current drawing tutorial ones.
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