Gorax, The War Poet

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Gorax meets strange travelers. Gorax buys the strange men and women drinks in taverns. Gorax listens to their tales of blood and adventure. Gorax pens their drunken words into stories for Kings and Queens - or, more accurately, for other strange, drunk people. Gorax is occasionally roped into a journey of his own. Gorax writes these as well. Gorax tells (and sells) his narratives in an ongoing format; rather than writing one story and then releasing it in full, Gorax will continue to chronicle multiple tales as they unfold. When they finally conclude, they will give way to other people's stories. Gorax will never stop writing. Please give Gorax gold so he can keep doing what he loves.

Gorax has been informed that he needs to warn his potential readers: Gorax' stories are retellings of real events experienced by many different folk; adventurers with varying personalities and reasons for doing what they do. Occasionally, those things can be considered crass or offensive to some people. They're not terribly crass or offensive all the time, and different stories will have varying levels of crass or offensive material. But, like, please stick around. It's not Gorax' fault.
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