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About goreshit

hello! mr. shit here.

my reason for making this patreon page is to earn enough money to be able to print albums and merchandise and shit without having to do pre-orders to raise the funds. sure, i'll also waste your money on other shit if there's enough left over - music gear, computer shit, food, bills, you get the idea. also, i'm a greedy corporate scumbag wall street fat cat.

as i've always said, you don't have to pay me a penny for my music - every album is free to download, and always will be. i will never make you pay for my music. you can get everything free here;

goreshit bandcamp
(for all new releases and most releases since 2011)
goreshit archvie bandcamp
(for pre-2011 releases)
goreshit soundcloud
(new tracks/previews/demos/etc)
goreshit youtube channel
(live videos/previews/full albums/yadayada)

i make pretty much all my announcements and stuff on the goreshit facebook fanpage;

so give me some money. or keep it. whatever.

with all my heart,
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