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is creating podcasts about the life full of travels and adventures

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if you're a 'mama' supporter you support me unconditionally, just for being myself. you give me money for travel, tickets, and snacks, but you don't get anything in return, except for my eternal gratitude.
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if you're a 'head in the clouds' supporter, you daydream on your way to work about travels, journeys and adventures you want to do in the future. but for now, you support me to listen podcasts about my travels and experiences, until you'll decide to to make your own.
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if you're a 'seeking for a down-grade' supporter, you have too much money and all your travels are to luxurious hotels and resorts, so you don't get to experience the places you visit. you support me to remind yourself how it is to be an ordinary mortal who can't escape adventures and the prickle of excitement. in additional to podcasts, you get to see the photographs i take during my trips.




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i'm an eighteen years-old girl from poland, who loves to travel, explore the world, get to know new places, people, and cultures. i'm definitely an adventure-seeker, and whenever the opportunity comes to me- i make the most out of it. i'm interested in everything and if i could i would choose to study for the rest of my life. i'd take university course of economics, management, politics, marketing, business, graphic design, fine arts, journalism, law, medicine, environmental science, creative writing, i could also try theoretical physics.. i mean, why not, i've always wanted to know what the black hole actually is..

for now, i'm still in high-school, for my majors i take economics, art, and italian, for minors- literature, physics, and maths. next year, i'm going on the university, preferably in london, the question is which one...

i want to record podcasts about traveling, my adventures, unusual experiences, but also recommendations of my favorite books, films, and exhibitions from all over the world. i want to publish my artworks, and photographs. all of which will be available if you'll support my lifestyle!

few things you should know about me- i don't do big letters (as you might have realized), i appreciate life, my surrounding and every single day, so at some point i might be speaking about the beauty of the colors of the leaves on the trees or shape of the strawberry for over an hour; i'm totally honest and i want to share my whole life with you with no censorship or filter. 
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when i reach $500 per month, i'll have guests on my podcasts who will be speaking about their own extraordinary experiences.
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