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About Azizah Asgarali

I started Gourmet Pens to share my passion and interest in stationery. I reviewed almost everything I owned, but several years later, as my blog has grown, requests keep pouring in! There's a lot of stationery out there.

I post reviews at least twice a week, including the Ink Shot series of reviews on Tuesdays. You'll also find fountain pens, ballpoints, gel pens, machined pens, leather stationery goods, and more, hence 'associated addictions'. SBRE Brown and I also do a joint video series called Serious Nibbage, where we discuss a fountain pen together. I spend countless hours working on reviews, taking pictures, editing pictures, putting everything together, and of course, spending time with things before I actually review them. I hope you enjoy my work and my passion. I'm fortunate to have a few sponsors who help me out, but we all know the cost of a stationery addiction. With your support, I can give away more goods, I can fulfill more specific review requests, and I can review more things in general.

Ultimately, I appreciate your kindness. A kind comment makes my day. If you want to be a Patron, I'll be so grateful for your support. If not, I still appreciate your readership so much!

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