G. Pike

is creating Queer Fantasy/Adventure Comics + Wildlife Art
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About G. Pike

Hi, I'm G - an independent, nonbinary artist/author and creator of the comic series "Title Unrelated". I've also made a few shorter comics (mostly about birds), which can be found here: gumroad.com/gpike_

I'm incredibly passionate about what I create. Title Unrelated is very personal to me, especially in that the characters and their arcs represent parts of myself and struggles I face in real life.

I wanted to draw Title Unrelated because I wasn't finished with the characters from my earlier project ("Untitled!), and I needed to therapeutically deal with the new person I was as an adult, coming to terms with my gender identity, worldview, etc.

As a kid I would read books and imagine myself as an author; having other people connect with my work as I did with the works of those who came before me. I still have that dream, honestly.

I've had to change in so many ways over the past few years, including how I approach my dreams/goals as an artist. I have a need to share the experience of creating, learning, and dealing with obstacles. Creating art and comics gives me something to focus on and the motivation to keep improving my skills and who I am as a person.

I want to share this part of myself. That's why I make comics.
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