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About Graeme Murray

Friends!! Welcome to my Patreon page!
My name is Graeme Murray, I'm a Prog Rock musician based in Scotland.
You may know me better as the bass player, and co-founder of Prog band PALLAS.
Many of you will know who I am already!
Recently, we announced the cessation of Pallas as a working band. Not something I wanted, but with such a huge amount of music still within me I have decided that I want to continue writing, recording and hopefully, playing live again!!
consequently I  have taken up the cudgels and I’ve started writing a solo album. I intend to  keep the Pallas flame ALIVE!  And to continue writing and performing music you love for as long as possible!  

So here's where you guys come in!

Patreon offers you a way to support me as an artist, through a regular monthly subscription to my work.
The amount you choose to donate monthly is entirely up to you and the amount you subscribe will determine how involved you can become in the creative process of this album and others in the future.

The work I will be sharing with you here on Patreon will include a variety of side projects as well as content for the solo album. You will have access to exclusive posts and discussions, sample tracks, podcasts and many more exciting other rewards.

The extra support from you guys, the fans, will allow me to continue producing prog music, And  provide you with an insight into my creative process as well as offer exciting exclusive rewards right here, just for you!

Subscriptions start from as little as $1 (thats only about 74p here in the UK), and you can cancel/ adjust your subscription at any time.
$65 of $1,000 per month
Once I reach this first goal of $1000 per month, I'll start a Q&A podcast series, where you, the Patrons, can send in a question and I will address the answer personally to the chosen Patron. 

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