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It may not seem like a lot but it really helps! For just a dollar you get to see all of my work in progress stuff! This means sketches, and even unfinished tidbits that may never see the light of day anywhere else!

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A whopping Lincoln earns the power to request me a quick sketch of anything your heart desires! (NOTE: Requests cannot contain NSFW material; i.e sexual content, violence, or sensitive material)

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If you throw 10$ at me, you get a personalized digital dragon! (Either your own design or my own, either way there won't be another like it!)




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About Grandblitz

Hey there! If you're reading this that means you might like to support me and what I do, or maybe you just want to check me out! My name is Emily Ann, though more people know me as Grandblitz, or even Gyra (hi DeviantArt!). I've been an artist since i first learned how to hold a pencil, and though it's just a hobby right now, one day I aspire to do what I love as a career too. Given that most of what i draw is the fantastical or science fiction, I'm steering towards the concept art vein of the career spectrum; the kind of stuff you see in video games and movies! 

As for what I will be creating here, well, I'll be doing just about anything! Creatures to characters to people and places, whatever I want really! For those who want to become a patron, go for it! Your rewards might come a little slow, I put lots of time into making sure each and every piece looks just right, but I will never forget or skip anyone I promise!
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If a whole 10 people (a quarter of a patron doesn't count) decide they want to support me i will draw a fully fleshed out piece featuring each patron as a dragon based on my impression of them! Each patron in turn will get a cropped image of their specific dragon as well.
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