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About The Grand Fury Club

Hello! - if you watched the video you might have a better idea about what The Grand Fury Club produces. I say that it's art in multiple dimensions because I go from a pencil to PC to the real world; sometimes I stay in the virtual world and other times I wander between both.

So what is The Grand Fury Club? Well I've got some experience doing arty things and it's about time that I used it to produce the work that I want to produce, with no constraints. I've worked in so many areas I can use my experience of model making, traditional art, digital design, animation, product design, packaging, CAD and 3D modelling to conjure up almost anything.

Earlier this year I saw Patreon and really liked the way that creators of all kinds have a platform to create and share their work with enthusiastic I decided that I'd throw all of my influences and abilities into a machine and see what I can make. I like to have things packaged neatly so I created Trashola County - an imaginary place that can house all of this. Right in the middle sits the Grand Fury Club.

What motivates me? What inspires me?

Dragsters, ghost trains, board games, pixel art, VR, 1970s sci-fi, VHS tapes and 1980s synth sounds, loud guitars, wacky custom cars, cardboard models, mechanisms, zombies, RPGs, electric cars, motorcycles, videogames and drive ins. Oh, and badges and pins. All of the things that have zapped and tapped my brain since I was small.

Why should you become a patron of the GFC?

If you subscribe to the GFC, you'll be gaining access to unique digital art & wallpapers along with some fantastic assets that you can use in your own work such as clip art, original fonts and digital art, along with gaming printables and card models that you can enjoy at your leisure. We all need leisure time. My reward tiers all include monthly discounts to real world products in the GrandFury General Store, (opening this side of Christmas) and of course each level has full access to the blog that will feature regular working updates. I'm constantly online (seriously - but aren't we all) so there will be plenty to see.
Hope to speak soon, ramblers.
Mr Wray

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