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About GrandSlambert

I am GrandSlambert, a name given to me by a previous employer who liked all of the "grand slams" I hit at work. Would it help if I told you that it had nothing to do with baseball or pancakes? I am a software developer and my boss was a baseball fan, and after a while, the name came about and it stuck (since 2006 so far).

I am not a professional writer. I love to read, I have stories, and I am going to share them with everyone. They will vary from works of fiction (crap that comes up from time to time) to stories about my life, my family, and my friends (no permission asked). 

Why Patreon?
I could just start a blog or a Facebook page and let you find them there. I could, but I don't want to. I need things. I want things. And now you can help me acquire those things. :) Now, a lot of my posts will be free - to entice you in. But the really good stuff will be for patrons only - which you can become for only $1 per month. That's pretty damn cheap in this day and age.

Of course, the really good stuff is going to be for those that really want it. If you want to see and read them, you'll need to join my "Special Edition" tier for $5 per month (although you can pay more if you really like me). But you get more than just access to premium material. You get the bask in the glory of buying me some cool stuff, which of course I will post about for patrons only!

My first purchase?
Once I start making money from this, I am going to start buying more trains! Yep, I like model railroading and I need more trains. I also have a few goals set so watch out for those. I'll share photos of everything I buy with my earnings and let you complain about how you wasted your money! 


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