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Tiers will be returning once I've established a new schedule for videos on the channel. Videos are due to return early this month, and I'll be monitoring my internet stability and bandwidth in order to see what's within the realms of plausible.

Thanks again to my past and present supporters for their patience!
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Supporting me at this tier is the equivalent of 100's of advertisement views on YouTube and is greatly appreciated! You'll get access to the Patron only feed and Patron only Discord channels.

  • Patreon/YouTube Member Feed
  • Private Discord Channel
  • Lifetime Discord Supporter colour
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Covering five times the ad revenue from YouTube as Standard class, you're in to the realms of supporting more videos than you can watch.

  • All Standard+ Benefits
  • Business Class Discord colour
  • Business Class Discord channel
  • All Videos End Credits Appearance [Opt-in]
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First Class
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Covering 10 times the ad revenue from YouTube as Standard class, you're supporting several video's total views a month. 

  • All Business Class Benefits
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