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|About Grandudius Time|
Greetings heroes!
We produce a live show called Grandudius Time which runs Tuesday to Friday 8pm - 10pm UK time. Every day, we have a different theme for our fans which mixes the mundane working week into something fun to look forward AND relax to of an evening.

|Schedule: Tuesday to Friday 8-10pm and Saturday Special|
Currently we have a serious and an extremely fun cheese night on Hearthstone, an alternative Wednesday in which we play a story mode game (We have currently completed Outlast and the DLC, Outlast 2, Little Nightmares, Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, Detention, INSIDE, Resident Evil 7, Like Clay, Alien: Isolation, with DLC as well and MANY MORE!), and free-for-all Fridays. Free4All Fridays consist of 3 weeks of Overwatch/Ghost Recon and on the last Friday of every month, we play Jackbox Games or any other party game that has been suggested by our Circle of Heroes (You guys!).

Fridays is heroes day, which means I invite you to play along with Grandudius. No matter how good or bad you are, we want you to get involved with the show. After all, we are doing this for you all, the hard working people of the world!

On occasion, we will do Saturday Specials, in which we take a game and complete it from start to finish. Recently, we have had our Chinese New Year special, in which we played Red Candle Games' - Detention. This was an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish and one of our most popular specials to date.

|Goals of 2017|
As well as the live stream on Twitch, we have clips, playthroughs and highlights on our YouTube Channel, a facebook fanpage, a dedicated email AND a twitter feed as well. All this work for two people who want to entertain the world. It is a lot to do, but this what we want to do full time. We want to entertain! Make you laugh, cry, think, educate and transport you into a world where you can forget your worries for just a few hours and come on a journey through gaming.

Here's our goals of 2017:
- Reviewing 10 thrill/horror/survival games in annual base.
- Introducing at least 15 indie/console games and helping independent game developers to promote their games.
- Doing charity streams in seasonal base.

With your help, we can make these dreams come true and show you the true meaning of Grandudius Time.

Best Regards,

$0 of $2,500 per month
This is a monthly goal, in order for us to do this full time. This means more quality content, more streams, and having the time to do more things for you guys on and off the show
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