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Let's Carry One Another's Prayers Forward. 

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Celebrations of the great, sacred waters arising within the souls of our Granddaughters; for it is their spirit-led fires which have the power to change the hearts of humanity. 

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Calling out for all those who remember the value of our Grandmothers' prayers. 

As a "Gatherer of the Grandmothers" you will receive weekly inspirations, as well as receive a one time featured digital art piece, created by featured artists around the world that are collaborating with us on this project, the theme of prayer is the central focus of each piece. You will be able to print out, use as a wallpapers for your phone or share as a gift with someone you love.

We will also feature, at random, a different "Gatherer of the Grandmothers"  prayers and stories of their Grandmothers on our IG feed and stories weekly. Simply message us @grandwachi with a prayer/story you'd like to share with the world.

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About Natural Leaders Foundations

Well Wishes to You,

If you have been led to this page we would like to first extend a prayer of gratitude for you, your loved ones and community. 

Second, welcome to our patreon page! 

There are some really inspiring things happening here and before we get into all,
please take a little moment to watch a few short clips below from our current project.

Please Enjoy this Quick Call-to-Action Trailer Below.

Wachi, meaning mother in Yamassee, is the title of our future 8 part docu-series and the spirit behind this visual storytelling of a young woman's journey across the globe to gather the wisdom and prayers of some of our world's greatest and most unseen women.

I'm Megan, the young woman referenced above, and I along with Grand Wachi's executive producer, Jon Nash, filmmaker & founder of Natural Leaders Foundation, have just spent the last 3 months traveling through Central America & Peru.

While making our way towards Brazil we met with Grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters from all walks of life; from indigenous matriarchs to inner-city school teachers to social activists.

Before we left our intention was to simply document the women's stories, their wisdoms and prayers- though that has evolved immensely since we began. We are excited to soon begin passing forward the many gifts that have been shared with us.

Follow Us @grandwachi .

So above I mentioned how the seed of a documentary has transformed, but what has it transformed into?

Well if you have time, please check out the blog I recently wrote detailing the unfolding of  this journey and what is to come here.

But as a rough cliff notes-esque summary: 

1. This one-time vision of a documentary sharing the stories, wisdoms and prayers of our grandmothers is now asking to be presented as an 8 part Docu-Series (Where my Netflix bingers at?!). And instead of focusing only on wisdom that is found in those who are physically our elders, I have been guided to gather stories from all women, of all ages.

My 30 second elevator pitch sounds something like this, though I found it is a constant work in progress:
This is a visual journey that winds fluidly like a river from one woman's stories to the next, seamlessly interweaving the fall and rise of humanity through our collective connection to the Archetypal Mother and all that she is.
We have fallen because we have forgotten, we have forgotten because we disconnected from our innate ways of being, but every woman carries The Heart of the Cosmic Mother within her and this series is a message from women around the world as to how can we ALL begin to come home.
This is a prayer for peace, this is answer to a question that hums in the deepest depths of most of our souls, a reminder of our true human nature.
We are born sovereign beings. We are a caretakers of the natural world. 

2.The wisdom that I am gathering from women globally along with the unheard or forgotten sacred truths that our Indigenous families around the world are holding strong will be given physical locations to root a solution-based remembrance far and wide.
Along the way, throughout my travels, I am openly and actively searching for the right lands and team to build a network of fully sustainable eco-hubs that base the foundations of all curriculums in global cultural exchange and appreciation.

We will focus on providing solutions like integrative education and safe, accessible alternative healthcare to those in need by meeting the exact desires of those who visit us    for elevated experiences like wellness retreats and cultural immersions. 

Wilka Way Village & Natural Leaders Foundation.

This patreon page is not only here to support the cost of producing this Docuseries, but also to seed the first Wilka Way Village. Which we will continue to unveil details about with time.

I have had dreams brewing in the back of my mind, of the conception of this, since I was about 14 years young, but it wasn't until I few first hand experiences that I decided to be bold enough to do something  with it.

There is a large gap to be filled in terms of Women's Health, and that is especially true when it involves Women of color or those deemed a minority... If you want to learn more about the statistics and conversations around these topics, I invite you to subscribe and stay tuned!

We are aiming to bring forth some of the most nurturing environments available for mothers and families around the world. We will also provide year-round post-secondary  educational opportunities in the fields of birth-work, herbalism, permaculture, art therapy, natural building, and much more. 

We will utilize these hubs as a place to exchange cultural wisdom and appreciation. This is a center to come together to lift one another up and make sure we all have what we need to see our children, families and communities thrive now and into the future. 

We are in a great time of transition and now more than ever there is a deep call to recover the teachings of our ancestors and restore the ability for us as humans to honor all relations

The culture of the communities we are supporting is one that cares instinctively about all the above. So if that is you, stay connected!

We are investing our time in efforts to stay current and engaged throughout several platforms from the Upcoming Docuseries to  Podcasts, Youtubes, Blogs and of course a weekly 'gram post. AKA ... we are easily found and working hard to create various streams of nourishing and inspiring content.

Your patronage is building the foundations of sustainable, long-lasting support and aid for families around the world.


Show Some Love!

Other ways to get involved:
We are also open to receiving support like...
 -Relations who'd like to be involved or be interview, know women with stories to tell? Or leaders in any of the related industries? Perhaps you have a skill and feel called to donate some time to uplift this project?
  Let us know! 
- Accommodation connections/suggestions? We have much to share & happy to create an exchange or work/photography/footage for a cozy place to rest while traveling and collecting footage.
- Connected with service projects, nonprofits, or cultural/agricultural projects that we can highlight in our travel vlog and on our social media feeds while learning from? Please message us!

We together are planting seeds that will last lifetimes and through supporting Natural Leaders Foundation you are making sure we can continue to support women, children, and families globally through intentionally curated content, mindful gatherings, and nurturing spaces to grow.


Currently the majority of the funds you contribute will be used to pay filmmakers, editors and for production assistance. It will also go to promoting videos, the production of live, family-first gatherings/fundraisers,  and miscellaneous costs such as website hosting fees, editing software etc.

Your funds make it possible for us to keep our websites, YouTube channels and social media spaces ad-free.  
*By becoming a supporter, you make it possible for us to remain an independent voice, so we don’t have to answer to any advertisers, politicians or corporations. We can bring forth the most authentic content and creations because you ensure that we don’t owe any favors and don’t have to generate ad revenue through clicks and views.

Not a cent of this money is going towards paying for our personal time. We live, travel and create in with a minimalist mindset. Your pledges go directly to our nonprofit, so it’s also a tax-deductible donation. 

We can't do this without you, so if this work sparks joy within you, please become a monthly supporter. We've chosen some great benefits to share, so besides playing a key role in a much larger mission, you'll get a little something from us to lighten up your personal journey.
16 of 55 patrons
The first part of this journey is generating enough support to make it possible to get out on this adventure. 
Luckily, traveling by car will save us a little and will gain us all massively more beautiful, breath-taking moments in nature as we make our way from village to village, mother to mother.

Having your support means that we get to share this experience with you all, and eventually across an even larger platform. We are here to do this and do it right!

Honoring the spirit behind this documentary and all that will come from it is of our utmost focus; secondly, we wish to bring these stories, prayers and wisdoms of our Grandmothers forward with nothing less than the most artistic, purely beautiful means of visual storytelling that your eyes may have yet to witness. We want you to feel as if you are right there with us; sitting around the fires, at the weaving circles, dancing, ceremony, in prayer.

Once we grow to 55 patrons we will have by then acquired all the necessary below upgrades, so that we will then have full potential to create a documentary that is more than breath-taking and awe-inspiring... yet more of a movement to plant seeds, we can tend to together, that will last lifetimes.

 Trip Prep Wish List, made possible by this incredible community.
- A wide camera lens( and eventually updated camera )+ waterproof casing for electronic survival while in the Rainforest
- Go-Pro 
- Travel costs (flights, buses, border-crossing paperwork, the occassional hostel)
- Backpacking Gear 
*if you have any equipment that you would like to donate we are also open to receiving support in that way.

So there we go, those are the first major items to get, and then we hit the road March 18! First Stop Guatemala!

And thank you for all of those of you out there joining us today! Your contribution/support is such a large part of this growing, global prayer for our planet, it's a potent and powerful energetic exchange.
We value, honor and send so much gratitude to each and every one of you who is a part of this.

Let the journeying begin!

Please share your prayers with us by messaging them to our IG  @grandwachi , throughout this journey, Megan will be in almost continuous prayer, during daily meditations and ceremonies she will hold a pure heart for the pouring of unconditional love into each and every request we receive.

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