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About Granny Flat

G'day there. Dave (David Hoey) and Nick (Nicholas Burton) here (the main culprits behind this thing) and we are thrilled you are interested enough in our content to end up here. Before we start with the whole "we need you because we have no money in our wallets" spiel, we would love to introduce ourselves a little more. We are a pair of Aussie filmmakers from Sydney with hopes of pursuing careers in the film industry...just to keep it brief.

Exactly one year ago from today 7/1/2018, we started on a journey of content creation. And yes, that word "content" is thrown around by some of the laziest internet "creators" that it has since been tarnished and over-used. Not in this house. Being relatively unknown names in the game, we realised two things:
1. Our voice as filmmakers needed a platform. 
2. The current landscape of Youtube is so all over-the-place with cliches and fake personalities that naturally lended themselves to a good satirical mocking. 
Our debut project on Granny Flat was "DAVE & THEO", a 6-part comedy web series. This series would go on to win awards across the globe and served as the first project under the "Granny Flat Pictures" label. This made us even more hungry to keep creating stories and characters, but we quickly realised a good short film or series can't be rushed. So we turned to even shorter form content that we could put out regularly to grow our audience between cinematic productions.

This is where "Granny Flat Comedy" was born. A small house full of colourful, whacky characters that reflect certain people in the real world...either intentionally or unintentionally. Since September 2018, every week we have uploaded short comedy videos to our channel. And with over 45 sketch ideas on our slate, we aren't slowing down.

And now the big three letter word. Y-O-U. 
Where do you come into this? First of all, we want to lay down something super important down. We aren't in this for the money. We are in this to entertain and create engaging content on a regular basis for our amazing viewers. To the point where just a like, a comment or a share will beat out money any day of the week. So why the hell are we wasting your time here on Patreon? Well, we would love to create bigger, better projects and continue to improve our production value. We have been seriously lucky to have amazing collaborators on board with our content so far, bringing our visuals to a whole other level. But we always want to keep pushing the envelope. Any money we receive here on Patreon will go straight back into Granny Flat, which in the end comes straight back out to you through the content you helped finance. And ultimately, we want to be able to compensate people for their hard work on our content. This year especially, we have some huge film projects that will take up a lot of time. So ultimately we want to hire editors and social media managers to keep the stuff we shoot coming out to you on time.

Bottom Line: You are legends for showing support to two kids just trying to crack a tough industry. Your support means millions. We are just glad you have been liking the stuff we put out. 

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