Grant Gilmore

is creating Anime and Abstract Art, Watercolor, Copic, Photography & Video

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I'll edit any photo you want.  Just one.  That includes acne retouching, photo "fixing", and even photoshop surgery  :) 
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Hey there!  I'm Grant!  I've been an artist my whole life, weather it was doodling in my notebooks or actually trying to draw or create something, I've always been an artist and creator.  I produce music, I make visual art in the form of Resin Dirty Pours, Watercolor, Copic Illustrations, Photography and Cinematography, and Photoshop excellence!  I'm even a digital artist!

I do not have an employer other than myself, therefor this is my life.  How much art I make and sell is directly associated with my living conditions. 

My goal is to create and inspire.  

I'm learning animation right now, in hopes of making a 2D animation such as Naruto or Bleach!  

Why am I here on Patreon?
Simple!  It's a HUGE marketing platform and I need to make revenue to make more art!  Also it's a great place to get commissioned art in my opinion!  The funding I accumulate from this page will go only to art, and art supplies, but most importantly getting my art out there!
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