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Hey, it's Craig. If we don't know each other, let's change that. I'm an artist, knowledge junkie and explorer of the metaphysical. My art invites you to take a break from reality and peek into a world of endless possibilities...seriously, there some unbelievable sh*t coming down the pipeline, folks.

I provide you a third choice of pills to swallow, the purple pill. Despite what some think, we do not live in the Matrix (yet?). But we now live in a time where this sci-fi fantasy is classified as a possibility. We are unsure of what the future holds. All we can do is keep the right positive focus and we can create the world we wish to see.

The purple pill reveals our character...not to others...but to ourselves. It liberates our minds and refocuses our attention away from fear and anxiety, and into the endless possibilities of an abundance mindset. It reveals technology as the means to advance humanity beyond our wildest dreams but warns of the urgency to level-up our human intelligence before we screw it all up.

How will they remember us? It's what we do and how we behave at this moment in time that could be the most critical period in history. We need to stick together more than ever so we can build an inclusive, sustainable future for humanity and the planet. Are you with me? 

Supporting is super simple
  1. Two VINES are created each month
  2. You can support both, or only one
Example 1:  Select the $1 Tier with a monthly cap of 1 VINE = $1 per month
Example 2:  Select the $1 Tier without a monthly cap = $2 per month

Or you can increase the pledge $ amount to as much as you like. Example: Select the $1 Tier and increase $ amount to $1,000,000 per month!!!

The Project:

This is my 17-year project (2013 - 2030) that follows the story of humanity's journey into a hyper-connected, digital reality in real time as we are experiencing it. What we do over the next decade will influence the art, demonstrating the huge influence our actions today have on the future of humanity and the strength of our collective power.

Growing Into 2030

The massive 360-degree, art puzzle made up of 389 interconnected artworks, called VINES, tells the epic story of our transition into the coming future.

It is a countdown to 2030, documenting our triumphs and struggles as the world encounters new exponential challenges and opportunities.

How technology allows me to draw...

Help it grow on Patreon

Patreon is an exciting new platform that allows people to support creators by becoming their “patron". For me, Patreon is an opportunity to grow the project with you.

My Goal:

I hope to inspire a passionate, growth-minded community of wonder junkies and leaders not afraid to be themselves and lift up those around them as we transition at supersonic speed into this new reality.

A Puzzle Game that Saves Us All

Part puzzle...part card game...all mission,   VINES for Humanity puts you into the battle for our future by earning points to control the emerging global brain. The game was spawned from the Grapevine Wall and is the grand experiment on my theory on humanity's impact on technology.  Check it out at

Augmented Reality Update

Can I stop my support?

Yes, you can cancel your pledge at any time. If you decide it's not for you anymore or money is tight, please feel more than free to opt out.  And you can always come back later if you want. I promise I will still love you just as much as I do now :)

12% complete

Once we hit $1,200 per VINE, I will be able to start adding the Augmented Reality experience to the cards. The AR is much more than cool, it expands the transformational impact of the card game, and will allow access for the blind and visually impaired.

Option to create a Trading Card and VINE for your business, organization or other groups available upon request. email [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
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