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About Gratitude Bridge

Easy Path of Depression or the Hard Path of Gratitude

Easy Path:
I had a suicide test on August 4, 2018, watched 3 hours of live streamed suicides on December 17 and was preparing to end it on 31st December 2018.

Hard Path: 
I have started a personal project around depression and gratitude.

I have been posting daily videos on and on

It's a personal project for me on my journey and challenge around major depression and the use of Gratitude as a means to heal.

I am looking to learn more about my personal challenge in this space, to grow and to heal, while at the same time helping others with major depression or who support people with depression.

I have been doing videos every day since Jan 1st, 2019.

I would love feedback (good or bad) on these videos, my desire is to heal and to help others heal through this project.