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Hey my name is Randy Brady and I am the personality behind Gravity Bookings. We curate live music events around Los Angeles, CA and feature up and coming bands, artists and DJs. Not only will we book your neighbor's loud garage band and the DJ / Producer from your English class, we also work with and book internationally known touring acts as well. Local bands, new producers, managers and booking agents reach out to us regularly to set up shows at just about any music venue in Los Angeles.

I have been playing in bands, going to shows and keeping tabs on music trends my whole life. Growing up, I saw the need for improvements in the way new artists communicate with industry professionals. I have experience in radio promotion, hospitality / customer service and am an artist myself. I get excited when I introduce two admirable people together and see them develop their relationship whether it be, writing a song together, playing a show or remixing each other's songs.

Gravity Bookings was a beautiful opportunity that fell in my lap 4 years ago. I rented and set up a stage, generator and a PA at a park on a Saturday afternoon in May. We had bands on one end and DJs on the other. I was surprised at how well the folks in the area responded to the event and started to receive a lot of positive feedback. After the first event, local musicians sent me their music links and I felt a growing demand for this kind of service. Next thing I knew, I went from throwing shows at dive bars to booking nights at The Troubadour. It's been a crazy ride so far...

I am invited to shows daily and have contacts that are able to easily get Gravity Bookings Team Members into events for free. I spend a lot of $ money $ filling up my gas tank to get around the city to multiple locations every day / night. I am also looking to place more upfront deposits for bigger acts, but it's difficult when I've been paying out after the events. It all adds up. I would love to grow with you and bring you along on the journey to revamp to LIVE music experience in Los Angeles and beyond!!  
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This would be able to get me around the city smoother to check up on new bands at new venues. I also hope to get Spotify Premium and Soundcloud GO to sift through link submissions easier.
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