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About Ariel

Hello, I'm Ariel!

I'm currently an art student who wants to fulfill my dream of becoming a concept artist/illustrator for video games!

I want to pursue my creations and create games and/or comics in the future as well as turn all of this into a profession I can live off of!!

I'm currently going to college for studio art, I'm in my last year (which is full of studio classes sigh)
This is all very expensive and I would like to get to a point that my creations can be a support system (on top of working part-time jobs) for all of this as well as future projects!

If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do! And by support I mean this money is probably going towards food and bills lol

Thank you for reading! _(:3」∠)_

20 of 100 patrons
If I reach 100 patrons I'll upgrade the speedpaint videos with detailed notes and I'll also create a new tier to offer critiques for patrons as well as patron art collabs!!
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