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About Grace

Welcome! You can call me Gray or Grace. I'm a nonbinary person and an avid game lover, and I'd love to share my passion with the world via twitch! Creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folk and for all sorts of social discussion is really important to me. I think livestreams are an excellent place to share critical discourse on the world of gaming, as it effects us and exists through us in countless ways. With your help, I want to create a community for all good people to share their experiences both in and outside of twitch.

I'm making this patreon to keep my stream going. Like so many people in the states I have bills to pay and donations go a long way towards making more time for me to stream! I'm only working a coffeeshop job right now so extra help makes setting aside the space for streaming really worthwhile. Beyond just twitch, I love to write and in the future would love to share my stories as benefits for patrons!

You can find me on twitch at
You can find me on twitter @grayfore

You can find my website at
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When I reach $575 per month, I'll be able to start streaming full time! That means I can spend more time with you and you with me <3.
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