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is creating a collection of fitness and inspirational photos
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About Great Muscle Bodies

Aiming to create the biggest collection of fitness inspirational photographs.
To inspire and motivate everyone with the magnificence of the human physique and the aesthetics of the human body.

This is a two-person project, it was created, is maintained and updated by just two people.
For over 3 years, we have collected photos of some of the best looking and aesthetically pleasing models.
Any funds you throw at us go directly to the support of the website, to help pay for hosting services and better content.

Just imagine how tedious it had to be to bring you all that content and the countless nights of missed sleep! Hell, if you guys and gals are financially irresponsible enough, we could make Great Muscle Bodies our full-time jobs. The more you support us, the higher a priority we can make for new regularly released content and expanding of the gallery faster.
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This will pay for a private server without the limitations of the current shared hosting plan, which has a very limited bandwidth per month, CPU and disk space resources. (and a few cups of coffee)
We could then afford more features to be added to the gallery, like forums.
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