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I'm Vangelis but people online know me as Gredush. I am from Greece and I was born in January 1987.

What I do.

At the moment I am a part-time streamer and a YouTube content creator. That means that I try to stream my favorite games three to four days per week for about three hours per day streaming. Video editing can take much time but I really try to do that as well. 
In my channel you will see me playing Kerbal Space Program, Dota2, Oxygen Not Included and maybe more games.
Why should you become a patreon.

Becoming a patreon, donating to me or subscribing is something completely optional. If you are having fun, you enjoyed your time in my streams and you really want to support me and what I do by becoming my patreon then you're more than welcome.
Being my patreon means that you support me with a regular payment and it is better than advertising and sponsorships.

How much will you pay and how often.

Becoming my patreon starts at 2.50$. If you are feeling generous there are more options. You will pay the amount monthly. I will try my best to release content on time and make your money worth.

What's in it for me.

I honestly can't think of anything special right now for you becoming my patreon. The majority of my content at the moment is live streaming so it's basically you being generous.
One last thing.

My main income comes from my job. Sometimes there is a chance that I will HAVE TO skip my schedule. I hope you understand and you won't get dissapointed.
Take your time and have a look around.Thanks for everything.
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