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Giving $3 (Approx £2.34 / 2.67 EUR) is a great start to helping us reach our first goal and feed up to 2 colonies of cats over the winter months!
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Giving $5.00 (Approx £3.85 / 4.41 EUR) will help us reach our first goal even quicker and feed up to 2 colonies of cats over the winter months!
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Giving $10.00 (Approx £7.71 / 8.82 EUR) is a great act of kindness to help us reach our first goal, as well as access to updates and patreon only posts as they become available - I will send you a personal thank you message!




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The Kalymnos Animal Welfare Group.

We are an established group of caring people who love animals and do what we can to help the stray cats and other animals of Kalymnos a small island in Greece who are in need of help! We have worked in association with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) since 1995 - and follow their policies - however, we receive no financial aid from the government, municipality or any other organisation. We are in desperate need of financial help for: food, medical expenses, neutering & to keep our cat sanctuary / first aid centre open.

Due to the increasing cost of everything involving animal welfare - the need to seek outside funds has became very real in order to carry on doing what we have been doing for the past few years
  • Medical Expenses
  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Surgeries
  • Nutrition / Feeding
  • Cat colony healthcare around the island
  • Neutering programmes, to reduce the number of stray cats where asked for
  • Produce & maintain healthier colonies of cats
  • Re-homing for stray animals where possible
We do encourage public awareness and information, by distributing GAWF (Greek animal welfare fund) leaflets around the island.
$25.44 of $350 per month
If we can raise $350 which is just over 300 EUR, We will be able to feed 2 established colonies of cats totalling up to 60 cats throughout the winter. This means they will not have to endanger themselves by leaving the colony to find food, the roads and sources of poison are a danger outside the safe zones of the colonies. - All purchased food and nutrition for the cats will be evidenced with receipts in patreon posts! I plan to get some pictures and videos where possible too.
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