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I want to do what I can to help our kids grow up with a fair dinkum sense of what it is to be Australian. Fair dinkum surely means more than wrapping yourself in a flag and declaring yourself to be different from everyone else, and somehow superior. I think part of it is listening to the stories of the many great people who have shaped the country, and learning how our institutions developed.

School and local libraries buy truckloads of fiction for the young, but I haven’t seen enough good non-fiction geared specifically to 10 – 14 year olds. That’s why I do what I do. I’m a story teller. As a teacher and writer, I engage kids in the real human story in ways that can’t be achieved by surfing the internet for facts. I want to put the story back into history. I had teachers who were marvellous storytellers and I’m here to encourage others to carry on that tradition.

Take the characters depicted on our banknotes. The Reserve Bank puts a lot of time into choosing who appears on them, but what do we care? Can you name all of them? Can you tell their story? My Aussie Notables series has spread their stories to thousands of young Australians and I have titles on the Premiers Reading Challenge lists in most states. Great characters build great nations and our kids are entitled to know about them.

There are hundreds of real life stories out there, and there are now a number of people who want to join me in telling them. The two latest titles are Yagan, by Alex Kopp and Annette Kellerman by Leo Gamble. Yagan was an Aboriginal resistance fighter on the Swan River in the 1830s, and Aussie Annette was a world superstar of long distance swimming, vaudeville and silent movies. That’s two great stories for us to share with our children, and I have more writers with manuscripts in an advanced stage and several other enquiries.

The talent’s there and the interest is there, but I’ll need some short to mid-term financial assistance to expand this project. I’m delighted that you have read this far. That seems to say that you want to help.

I hope you enjoy your rewards. You'll notice that I've named each level of donation after a famous Australian. Please be aware that your donations will be recorded in $US
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For $1800 a month I can find and pay new writers, willing and able to contribute to the quantity and quality of our biographies of Famous Australians. Alex Kopp was the first of the new writers with her excellent book on Yagan, a hero of the Nyoongar people who later produced Polly Farmer, Barry Cable, the Krakouer brothers and others.
With this money, I can provide new writers (and I have a number lined up) with enough to buy themselves a can of baked beans for dinner while they work on their manuscript. Later they will receive royalties from the sale of books.


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