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Hi, Green Coach creates digital products that help people behave greener.
Like so many people, I have been trying to reduce my impact on the planet for many years. To my surprise, accessible information on what to do to reduce your impact was lacking. So I decided to start making a website that contains an overview of the meat alternatives that are being sold in my country (Belgium): At this moment I am trying to get the approval of the supermarkets that sell the meat replacements to use their product photos.
Also, I am making a website ( that enlists green actions to undertake. So a visitor can choose on the basis of a few basic parameters (like cost and impact on climate, water etc.) what to do.
Next I want to develop an app that also contains these actions but where a visitor can log in to track the impact of her actions. Also, the goal is to motivate the users to take step by step actions to improve their environmental impact.
As you can see, my two websites are in Dutch (my mother tongue), but I plan to develop in English.
To be honest, I don't have any coding skills (yet). So I am planning to develop a prototype of the app on a non-coding platform. Simultaneously, I will create a project on github to get help from volunteering open source developers (and designers).
To further explore my approach, I am starting a blog on Medium:

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