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Please, I need your help, I want to create an interactive podcast that will not only inform but engage with listeners, answer listener questions and allow me to interview guests about addressing climate change and global pollution.

With the media focused on the problems, we need to discuss solutions, that is what I want to achieve.

Topics will cover the latest news in climate, pollution and green design technology: materials, designs, philosophy, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

I want my 30 years of professional design experience and advocacy for the environment to help deliver timely discussions regarding the challenges we face and the solutions we will need.

This will be an educational and science-based podcast for all ages to learn more about how design can resolve the challenges we face.

For a decade, I've been sharing my green knowledge and experience on Twitter and through my green blogs, it's time to take this platform to the next level.

Your support will help support my work, compensate guests for their time and effort, perform up-to-date design research, podcast production costs and expenses.

For higher support levels, I will be offering various green design services. For businesses looking to grow their green footprint, this is an excellent way to help this podcast and help grow your green goals.

Thank you, 

Graham Chivers.
$0 of $1,500 per month
A long-format podcast or guest interview.

Funds help with time to perform research, pay interview guests and product longer-format podcasts. 

Hitting these goals will also allow me to produce shorter informative news podcasts for timely analysis or design news.

With hundreds of innovations per month, I want to help discuss which will help address climate change or pollution. Some innovations with be game changers, sharing these ideas and discussing possibilities will help listeners learn about new possibilities and opportunities.
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