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is creating A Patented Fluid Bed "Classifier" not a sluice

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 Help me Keep The Fluid Bed Design Going In The United States And lets Work Together to Make It Legal In All 50 States. 

GMGT Fluid Bed Design
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Let's Work Together And Keep The Fluid Bed Design Going In The United States And Work To Make It Legal In All 50 States.




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Greetings to all and thank you for taking the time to to stop by my Patreon page!

This has been an awesome journey, for myself and, for all who have been following along. As well as my many happy customers to date.
This all began back in 2016 when I decided to make the fluid bed design easier to use and, easier to understand.
My main goal however is one that will help Many prospectors all across the united states who live in areas that have banned or regulated Sluice Boxes.
The Green Mountain Gold Traps "Are Not" sluice boxes. In fact, all wording pertaining to "Sluice" can not be found in the Patent Application.
My invention is filled as a "Classifier" in the US. Patent Trademark Office.
The Patent-able feature of my design is, the removable trap tray, making it like no other on the market.
It is Innovative and picking up steam in the USA.
All materials used to build these gold traps are US Manufactured, making it 100% Made In The USA.
With the traditional Fluid Bed Sluices on the market, they are made from black ABS Plastic.
The GMGT's are made from clear Acrylic, giving the user complete control and understanding of how the fluid bed design works.
Never again will you wonder if it's set up properly, You Will Know For Sure.
All materials used to build the GMGT's is high end product.
Before going public, I did extensive testing for durability, capture rate, fine gold capture capability as in -200 mesh, feed rate and water velocity variants in different set ups.
The fact of the matter is, I built this design as if I was building it for myself. It is all I use and, I use it allot.
When running material by myself at the river, I can move two yards through the GMGT 3' River Bed Hog EZ Cleanout model with no problem whatsoever.

So, why have I created a Patreon account?
Many thousands of dollars have been spent to get this into your hands. To tell the truth, three years of savings.
It cost a considerable amount to build just one of these Gold Trap.
But, I want all of you to get a product that is not only built right but, Hand Crafted In The USA.
So, I need your help so that I can continue to move forward. No just for me, but for all of you.
Currently, I am the only Patented Fluid Bed Company in the US that I know of.
My one and only Patented competitor has just announced, we are shutting down production.

So, let's work together to keep the fluid bed in existence.

Owner / Inventor

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Once I reach 75 Patreon's I will give one 23" Paystreak Finder Away to one lucky winner each month. Value $330.00
This comes with a 1/4lb bag of paydirt from GTAOVlogs and it's got some REAL nice gold in it!
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