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About Greenness

In Summer 2010, British musician, artist and producer Graham Pratt and French singer-songwriter Cess Frangi meet for the first time in Manchester, UK. They quickly become inseparable, create Greenness and embark on a musical and artistic journey that takes them to the south coast of England, where they settle in Brighton to record and release two self-produced EPs - the acoustic and nostalgic daydream 'Bicephaly' in 2016, and the emotional psych-folk roller coaster 'Cyclicity' in 2018 - whilst also touring around Europe and gathering a following on both sides of the Channel. 

"Throughout the years, we have been growing and nurturing Greenness like a delicate ecosystem, and it is now ready to bloom: in the coming months, we will be recording our first full-length album entirely by ourselves in the home studio that we have created. This new LP is our most exciting and ambitious project to date, and we are willing to share the creative process with you, our audience, by involving you at every stage and enabling you to discover the weird and wonderful world of music making from an insider's perspective!

Our goal is to use Patreon as a platform to show what is happening in the studio, as well as interacting directly with our closest fans and offering exclusive premieres on all new material. We are aiming for one recording per month, so we recommend following us for at least one year to witness the whole album process and be the first to hear new tracks, demos, live songs or Patreon-only covers (send your requests!)... but of course, you can subscribe for longer, as we will carry on making beautiful original music and releasing records beyond the first album! Every subscription directly contributes to our artistic freedom, and that's why we want to offer unique rewards to our patrons: you believe in us and enable us to create, so you deserve the very best of Greenness." 

Let's blossom together,

Graham & Cess
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