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What is "Cool Beans"?

According to urban dictionary, "Cool Beans" is "a slang term that [is] used to describe something very favorable or pleasing."

But do I really need to tell you that? Let's be honest, you probably said it the last time your friend showed you his backwards hat, or on your birthday when your mom bought you a pony.

However, Cool Beans is also a mobile game that features the opportunity to work with the game developer and add your art and website to the game to help you grow, all for a one time fee. Cool beans, right?

Why can't you make costumes for everyone?

As a solo developer working a full-time job, time is needed to work with patrons to create costumes and integrate them into the game. This can take several hours per costume, and aligning schedules can be difficult. But you can expect more rewards to become available as costumes are completed and added to the game!

Can my costume/website be anything I want?

Your costume will need to be based on your own original work. Can't have a bunch of Mario's and Sanic's filling up the costume slots. And this is a mobile game intended for all audiences, no naughty bits or nasty websites will be allowed to be featured in the game, you sicko.

Who even are you!?

I'm just some nerd in Washington who wants to create a fun and easy way for a variety of developers and artists to work together to make something fun with as little work as possible.
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