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Indeed, welcome one and all to the Holy Roman Empire book series' official Patreon account!

Who are we

We're a small group of artists from Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, whose deep passion, dedication and ironclad principles are essential in creating everything for this project. Each of us have important, key roles that further uplift the book series, and each of us is a valued, experienced, and lauded artist who shall give into this their all!

Why setting up a Patreon account

As grand as our vision is and as determined as we are to deliver the best product imaginable, we unfortunately know we're not going to accomplish this without a proper financial strength or through the archetypical ways a book gets created and published. Because we severely disagree with how the publishing industry works, how little it rewards their content creators, and how feverishly "trendy" it is, we've decided to not only become independent, but to also become visionaries in a new age - an age where artists get the rewards they deserve and content our donors seek and desire.
Thus, we've come to Patreon and set up this page for any potential fans who would like to further support our work! All of the money we receive shall be strictly used for this book series and cover our expenses, such as any taxations, equipment for illustrations, video creating, rewarding external parties that can further improve the quality of our works, and much more!

Transparency & Trust

You, our dear donors, aren't just numbers filling up the bank account.
This has become the most crucial, most significant decision in our collaboration. You won't be mere trickles of finances to support us - you'll be the very backbone of this book series.
We know that in this day and age, transparency and trust - our own motto - is the most sought-after aspect of artists' customers, especially when said content creators want to receive monthly rewards for their services. As such, we've shaped our marketing strategies and business practices for this market.
You will always know who we've hired, which team member has become a full-time or part-time contributor and what is their role in our team. You'll also get updates on how far their work has progressed, when they're finished and what kind of content can you expect from them, whether it'd be an illustration, graphic improvement of said pictures, or even an audio version of the upcoming novels!
These updates shall be published on our Patreon account as well as on HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE's official Facebook and Twitter pages. As our team grows and as we'll work on the series' instalments, updates should be regular and always informative.
And our books shall be free of charge.
You've read that right. Each and every novel we'll work on shall have a price tag of 0, for we believe our own Patreon funding should be more than enough to support our creative endeavours. If there ever would be a change in this decision, not only will you be properly notified, but the elimination of this Patreon page would also happen - for obvious, economic reasons, of course.
To us, you are extraordinarily important, but we won't solicit financial support from you, either. You have the complete freedom of decisions on what you're going to do - you can just read our novels and wait for the next one; notify your friends about these books and garner us bigger audience; or even check our external links and support us here, on Patreon.
The decision is entirely yours. We know it is very popular to put on subscription/Patreon notifications on every end of said contents - particularly YouTube videos - but to us, that's not only unnecessary, but a constant, pressuring, manipulative force to bolster an income.
You'll also be able to help us further on our future web and current social media sites by filling up interesting, informative polls, engaging in debates about possible plots and character developments in new additions to the series, and, most importantly, have your own section in the web where you can discuss the current novel's strengths and weaknesses. Like it was written before, you're not a satchel of florins or nomisma - you'll be the largest, most influential pillar of this project - the backbone of everything and the main force behind our previously mentioned motto - transparency & trust.


This humongous project is a magnum opus idea of the development team's Manager and Head Writer, Mr. Denis Habulinec. At first, it was difficult to put on a proper label onto this series - mainly because we don't focus on them very much - but now, we can confidently say the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE books are an Alternative History - a combination of Historical Fiction and Historical Fantasy -  of the Old World - Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, to be more exact.
Since 1080 A. D., this part of the world is thrown into a never-ending race for power, domination, and eternal glory. Seven dominant factions - The Egyptian Caliphate, The Grand Dukedom Russia, The Principality of Hungary, The Holy Roman Empire, The Isles Triumvirate, The Moors and the Kingdom of France - are waging wars against their neighbours and political schemes to weaken their most powerful rivals. Through the Holy Roman Empire's perspective that is shrunk into its influential figures, leaders and the lowly, you'll witness the world's evolution as factions die, new kingdoms are born, and where even the mightiest come crashing down like thunder.
Through thousands of pages, you'll experience glorious tales of epic clashes, tragic deaths of valiant lords and paragons of virtue, and the growth of flimsy villages into powerful, proud towns. Decades after decades, new inventions will become obsolete, heroes will become fables, and world-changing skirmishes shall turn into a distant, fearsome memory of the surviving. Forever moving onwards, forever changing and shaping under the wave of struggles, challenges and obstacles, the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE's Old World will weave and twist left and right, while none can say for sure where it will turn next.
The goal of these dominant realms is simple - destroy their two, smaller neighbour-rivals and gain enough provinces to become a supreme holder of law and order in the Old World. Who shall be victorious, and how will they achieve this status?
That remains to be seen.

Here's a list of more information about the book series:

  • Historically accurate evolution of weapons, armour, architecture, agriculture, smithing and the sciences.
  • Partially accurate locations and establishments of towns and castles.
  • Completely fictional leaders, inventors, generals, influential figures and artists.
  • Only 3 historical figures are planned to be added into the series.
  • Partially accurate heraldries, symbolisms and coat-of-arms of previously mentioned settlements.
  • Partially accurate organization of armies and their supplies.
  • Historically accurate currency, medieval economy and prosperity.
  • Partially accurate creation and organization of guilds.
  • Short anthologies shall be written about events and figures that are only mentioned in the books and had a significant impact on the world. It will also explain further developments that won't appear in the instalments.
  • Completely fictional growth and destruction of all kingdoms and empires.
  • Aside from the dominant factions, you can also expect lands such as the Free City of Venice, the Dukedom of Sicily, the Kingdom of Denmark, and more!
  • Character-driven, narratively descriptive novels heavily focusing on the dramatis personae, battles, duels, politics, speeches, and symbolism.

The development team & recruitment

Our Development Team consists of professional artists and content creators dedicated to bring nothing but excellence to this project. With years of experience, interesting and prestigious showreels, and numerous, laudable achievements, we've gathered together to create something extraordinary for you all!
Mr. Denis Habulinec started this project three, full years ago. Technically starting as a form of fan fiction, the principal idea was cultivated into a large, complex series that demands much attention, perfectionism and determination in order to reach the desired goals. There were already many problems and setbacks that hampered his progress, but that didn't stop our development team to continue on and create our very best contributions for each and every novel.
Right now, Mr. Habulinec has finished writing the introductory novel, HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: BATTLE OF KRAKOW, as well as managing all of our social media accounts and this Patreon page. He also takes care of hiring and introducing new team members as well as highly rewarding them for their incredible skills. He'll also write any future instalments as well as biographical trailers and anthologies. Currently, he doesn't need a co-author to fulfil these demands.
Mrs. Libuše Vendlová is a full-time Illustrator of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE project. She takes care of all the illustrations, mainly book artwork and book covers. She focuses on keeping everything aligned and atmospherically seamless. She excels at black & white and oil paintings. She'll also paint and draw official illustrations for all our social media accounts. Currently, she's finished her work on HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: BATTLE OF KRAKOW, and the necessary artwork for our social media sites!
Mr. Roman Černohous is our graphic designer. He analyses Mrs. Vendlová's work and tweaks her book cover for the e-shops we'll use to publish our works. He also created the Holy Roman Empire thumbnail for our social media sites!
Mr. Antonín Charvát is our musician and orchestra conductor. Residing in Prague, he has his own, musical ensemble with which he creates orchestral covers of popular songs and soundtracks. Currently, he's created the music for our HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: BATTLE OF KRAKOW trailer.
Mr. Jan Cechl is our video animator. A professional residing in Prague, his task is to bring our ideas and ambitions to life through videos and animations. An expert in his field, he's capable at creating artistic hybrids of professional quality and excellence that is much needed for our project.
Mr. Richard Antony is our videos' voice actor. A professional residing in London, he has a rich, prestigious showreel on sites such as His captivating, charismatic voice has been added into our Development Team, and was used for our HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: BATTLE OF KRAKOW trailer.

Final addendum

We have to make one thing very clear; we don't have "Patron selections" - you can donate any amount you think of worthy of donating - and we won't "reward" our donors for their monthly contributions. We think of this as too competitive and too divisional, thus we'll only publish the "end goal". How much of a financial strength you'll give us, that is, again, our dear donors, entirely up to you!

And that would be all!

We would like to thank each and every one of you who'll decide to become our fans and, graciously, donors, too! This will be a long, but terrific journey, and we are very excited about the future and what we'll create for you to see!
For us, only the sky is the limit...

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