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About Greg and Chelsea's Place

Hello, Friends!

We're still early in the process, we'll be updating as things go along, but we're very excited to announce that we've finally obtained suitable land to have our very own kitty rescue in Central VA.

Our primary objectives will be:

1) Giving kitties a place to live! Our very first priority is triaging the situation. As many kitty-lovers know, there are so many wonderful animals out there and not enough places for them. Initial funding will go toward supplies for the kitties and creating a sustainable situation for housing them. We are aiming to have 501(c)3 status, an operation primarily funded by small, consistent monthly donations, and a sustainable network of community contacts. I've worked in many nonprofits over the past eight years, so I'm finally comfortable enough to take all this on.

2) Education. There are a few reasons our local kitties are facing a crisis. One is, in my opinion, that people just don't know how to handle cats properly, so education will be a huge part of the program. I'm experienced in video production and editing, so a Youtube channel is definitely on the table. The most controversial problem is over-population. We obviously don't want anyone ending the kitties' lives in shelters, so we feel that the most humane solution is to run a community spaying/neutering program. We will encourage people to spay and neuter all cats, even wild ones, and assist the community with this endeavor however we can. This is the most humane way to avoid over-population problems in the shelters.

3) Community Development. One brilliant thing about programs like this is the ability to reach into the broader community. We don't want to just accept donations from the community- we want to give back! Here are the programs we plan on implementing. More timelines and details forthcoming:

a) Teaching empathy via animal care to children and teens.
b) Take well-trained kitties to nursing homes and other organizations for some quality cuddles.
c) Feline education via in-person and virtual (Youtube, etc.) shows.
d) Free feline training for our local community with a strong online presence for helping people and their cats!

Thank you so much for your support. We'll let you know as things progress! You can ask any questions in the comments. We'll probably be launching a website/forum soon to keep you up to date.


Greg, Chelsea, and Yeow-Yeow