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is creating An Awesome Fantasy Novel Series!!!!!
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About Greg Fahlgren

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HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET! My name, as you may have guessed it, is Greg Fahlgren, and I am, a writer, artist, and all around creative person who's nerd . What I am creating? Well, currently I’m writing a 7 book fantasy series entitled THE WAR OF THE SEVEN. Secondly, I am learning how to illustrate using online courses and tutorials so I can begin creating my own art.

Now, the next question you might ask is what are my goals? Short term, I of course want to get the first book of WAR OF THE SEVEN published and bring the story I have worked on for the last ten years of my life to the world. Long term, I want to publish WAR OF THE SEVEN in full, write more books in that universe, take script-writing and art courses online to improve my skill set, which aren't cheap.

The final question is of course, why you should support this page? For one, you will have my eternal gratitude and receive a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside for helping another human being achieve his dreams. If that isn’t enough for you, then I am happy to tell you about the content you will see on this page. Over the past ten years, I have compiled numerous notes, maps, drawings, and histories concerning the world of WAR OF THE SEVEN. These things are necessary when writing any story and for a fantasy novel, they become one of the most important parts of the work. However, a lot of that World Building doesn’t really make to the pages of any book. Therefore, I will be sharing such material on this page on a continual basis to give everyone just a taste of this spanning, massive world that I have created. You might have already noticed numerous uploads already on here, and that is just a taste of what I have in store. Piece by piece, I will be revealing the world of WAR OF THE SEVEN. You will get a close up view into my work, my process, and the unique world that I have spent ten years creating.

Finally, I will be releasing the first book of WAR OF THE SEVEN, THE COMING OF THE SEVEN, scene by scene, right here on this page. Chapter I, which is already available in its entirety, is FREE for everyone. Beyond that, every scene of COMING OF THE SEVEN will be available for just a $1 a month subscription. I also have a huge deal of World Building content, available for $2 a month, which will give you a special inside look at the world of Palinos, a world that I have been developing for 11 years now. The first Chapter starts at the links RIGHT HERE:

So, there you have it. If you sign up for this page today, you will get exclusive access to numerous maps and blogs relating to my work. More and more content will be released as often as I can, revealing more of this incredible world that I am so thrilled to finally be able to share. Thank you all in advance, and let’s make my dream of bringing WAR OF THE SEVEN to the world become a reality.
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