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A "Thank You" for your Pledge, that I say to the Notification Screen, even though that may look a bit weird on my Side, talking to a Monitor and things.
Tier 2
per month
The previously mentioned "Thank You" plus a visual/decorative perk that is only there if GregTech is installed, which happens to be a GregTech Cape right now, as well as a placeable "Supporter Certificate" Item. It will be looking slightly different from the others to show that you are continually supporting me. ^^

More Information on this reward can be found here
Tier 3
per month
Wow, uhhm, well, I don't have that much more to offer, than the previous rewards. I always try to release new Stuff ASAP, so early Versions wouldn't be doable. I'm not a fan of paywalling Stuff just to get more people on board. It would feel bad to do such a thing.

But I do have to say that you are seriously awesome! :D
Tier 4
per month
As if anyone would be mad or rich enough to pledge that much. (apparently I was wrong :D )

Anyways, you will receive all of the previous Stuff plus the knowlegde, that you are belonging to the most generous people who pledge to me, and that this is AWESOME (sounds much better in allcaps).




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About Gregorius Techneticies

I'm the Creator of the Minecraft Mod GregTech. It is my Goal to continue working on it to make it "the best Minecraft Mod ever" (in regards of Realism, System and Gameplay).

Your funding will help me spending much more time on creating new Features and adding old Features of previous Versions back into the World of Minecraft! Thank you all for your generosity.

I also have a website for my Mods right here, that contains a lot of helpful Information aswell as Download Links ofcourse. ^^
$222 of $300 per month
I will release at least one new Version of GregTech per week! I will do my best to keep it up as long as this goal is fulfilled. ^^
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