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Artist Statement

I am a painter, writer, and comedian who confronts absolutist notions and societal preconceptions through warped storytelling archetypes, expressive use of acrylic and watercolour, and recycled materials. My practice is born from a style I call Post-Consumerism, which is characterized by my genuine, but irreverent quest for authenticity in a world increasingly dominated by branding and material desire instead of genuine emotion. Informed by my multicultural and interdisciplinary background, my work is emblematic of perception as an outsider on the inside, granting me an observational, if not narrational eye akin to my position as a writer and comic.

As a storyteller, humour has always fuelled my work, as it was how I reconciled with my own conflicting dualities of identity and purpose. Humour exemplifies the struggle between two, symbiotic truths - one factual and one fabricated. From this confrontation an all-encompassing truth is born. I became an artist because humour makes us laugh and cry. It awakens emotions and self-realization, so by injecting story into juxtapositions of acrylic and watercolour, text, and forms, I fish out realness that is drowned out by social pressures. My work is is not an outright rejection of the consumer culture it was once my job to push, but rather a radical exposure of it. It demands honesty and self awareness. Best characterized by the faces that often appear in my work, I revel in the symbiosis of tragedy and comedy that comes with society’s relationship to social, national, and economic power structures. My rebellion is loud, so I often opt for colours that reflect that. I strive for the genuine over the superficial; communication over salesmanship.


About the Artist

Gregory Uzelac is a Brooklyn-based artist, writer, and comedian whose style of painting and illustration translates experienced narratives into colorful, immersive acrylic, watercolour, and illustrated renderings that challenge societal constructs perpetuated by contemporary branding and ideology.

Born in New York, Uzelac studied Film and Asian Studies at Northwestern University from 2009 to 2013, where he was heavily inspired by Postcolonial theory, Chinese Cynical Realism, and Zen and Hindu devotional art. Returning to New York after graduation, Uzelac worked in digital advertising, which proved to be a life-changing experience that reaffirmed his desire to make art over consumer goods.

Uzelac’s work has been shown in Bushwick pop-up gallery, Showdinger!, as well as Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street and Northwestern’s annual Alumni Arts Showcase in Manhattan. In addition to painting, he continues to write for stage and screen, and is a staunch defender of Swedish pop band ABBA.

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Believe In Art

Art isn't a product. Creating this Patreon was genuinely difficult for me, but when I use a Post-Consumerist lens to look at the struggles of Emerging Artists, I see an ecosystem built on belief and human connection. Investing money in me and my work is not just a way to fund my practice, it is a pact between me and you, the audience, patrons, and hopefully future owners and fans of my work. 

With just $300 a month, I can take care of myself. I can focus less on hustling between side gigs and not sleeping, and more on exploring the world through my craft. Furthermore, with this money I can complete the necessary tasks when interacting with gallerists, agents, and collectors.

Many thanks. Truly.
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