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Even though a very small donation this still means a lot to me as this is a very genuine way of You saying "Thank You for all Your work Greta, I appreciate what You are doing" ! As my way of saying THANKS to You I would like to give You 5% OFF of any of my services that I offer on my website (: 
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$5 even if it is just a small donation it would show me that You do enjoy & appreciate the content that I create ((; I would also give You 10% OFF any of my services that I offer as a way of saying special Thank You ((:
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By donating 10$ a month You could help me so so much as this is a larger amount of money and so by doing this You would encourage other people donate for me too. A little to a little could get into a little something! I would be so grateful to Your support and give You a special Thanks to You in the description box of my next YouTube video !  ((: I would also give You 20% OFF for any of the one-on-one services that I offer !




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About Greta

Namaste (: My name is Greta and my aim in this life is to spread message of peace and love ! 
I love making YouTube videos as it is an amazing platform that allows me to speak my truth and reach many people. I love serving the community by sharing my personal knowledge and experience. However, the content that I create is not in the main category of interest of big advertisers therefore I don't make much money out of ad-revenues therefore Your donations would help me long way, since I am still on my spiritual discovery journey and I am investing a lot of time in self-education and volunteering work.
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Final Cut Pro - professional video editing software would help me to step-up my video editing skills
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