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You can read any silly thing I write here, and I will think sweetly of you. If you want to pay more, or whatever you think is fair, you can change the amount. You'll see extra stuff as I make stuff. 

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About Graham Sheard

I'm in an interesting place. I'd like to interview some people before I leave, and I'd like to share those conversations with you.

When I get close enough to the first tier, I'm going to get a proper field recorder to document the conversations I have, and the sounds of where I am. Then I'll do a first season of podcasty episodes. If you subscribe, I'll let you listen first, and I'll add extra audio and bonuses for patrons.

Have you ever been interested in what I have in my brain? Do you think I should share more of it with the world? I need help because I've never done anything of value all by myself. I've had help every single time. If you have a little extra you won't miss, and if you feel the world would be better if I had some more resources, consider throwing some my way.  

Do not give any support unless there's some fun in it for you.

I'm only going to use more resources to share more of me, so you have to decide for yourself if that's a worthwhile thing. I will use the support to let you know things you wouldn't otherwise know.
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The beginnings of a proper audio documentary.
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