Nicholas Semrad

is creating Grid Kids University: Music Lessons and Helpful Information
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For this tier, you'll have access to the all the weekly instructional content! $5. 4 short lessons a month. Not a bad deal at all.

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For this tier, you'll not only have access to the all the weekly instructional content, but you'll ALSO get the following content:

- One additional monthly video of a reharmonization (either a standard or a hymn)

- I'll be doing bi-weekly video Q&A and will personally answer one of your questions during this video

- Access to a weekly poll in which YOU will vote to decide what the next lesson is focused on.

This tier will have MAX 100 patrons allowed in , so sign up early!




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About Nicholas Semrad

Nicholas Semrad is the keyboardist for Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles, Knower & Mark Guiliana. This is his online school, "Grid Kids University", on which there will be weekly practice tips and information on how to improve as a serious musician. GKU not only will be suggesting WHAT to work on, but also focusing on HOW to actually practice this information and WHY it's important. On a slightly higher tier, you'll be given a chance to ask a few questions about the weekly material and get feedback from Nicholas personally.
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If we can get 500 students in this school, I'll release TWO videos a week instead of one for the first tier, and I'll add additional monthly re-harm for the second tier. 
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